Types of Harajuku Fashion (Japanese Most Popular Types)

The initials are H.C. – short for Harajuku Culture. A new trend of hard-to-explain clothing styles, yet it is still very much on Japanese roots. Like the city it originates from, Harajuku fashion blends the Japanese and Western styles to create unique takes on classic pieces. It’s the best way to know what today’s fashion […]

What is Harajuku Style? Most Unique Styles in 2022

Harajuku has a rich cultural heritage dating back to before Japan’s Imperial Era (1644-1868). The region was one of the last places to be transformed into fashionable urban residential areas. During this time, local men’s wear adopted western styles such as rope-banks, chained-lapelled hats, plaid uniforms, smith’s masks and lanterns, and local fashions. Harajuku style […]

Harajuku Street Fashion [Eye Catching Style of Clothing 2022]

Harajuku style is a Japanese street fashion influenced by Japanese high school students. The style was designed in the Harajuku district of cosmopolitan Tokyo. The fashion quickly spread globally, gaining popularity with pop stars and celebrities alike. A new Japanese street fashion with a Californian twist, the Harajuku look has been picked up by teens […]

Harajuku Hairstyle Fashion For Men & Women 2022

Haircuts are essential in Harajuku fashion. Cut styles vary depending on the wearer’s age and gender and what styles are popular at the time. Generally speaking, teen girls tend to have a more relaxed, modern style. At the same time, adult men look more like they belong in an Eiffel 65 advertisement. Women’s body types […]

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